Caterer at Home with Marie-C Eymard

A reliable and mobile home catering service

An important event awaits you and you need a professional to organize the meal? Marie-C offers a catering service in Bordeaux but also elsewhere in France and even abroad. Marie-Claude moves and cooks where it suits you.
A caterer for all types of dishes

You want a particular type of cuisine? Do not hesitate to ask, everything is workable! You can very well take advantage of Marie-C’s catering service to discover the gastronomic specialties of Bordeaux, just like its host tables in Bordeaux. But she is not content to serve only this type of cuisine: her know-how is vast and versatile. You can already enjoy the images below!

Menu from 15 € per person

Catering Eymard deals with all types of service: cocktail, birthday, wedding, baptism, association, family meals, groups and professionals. The choice of the service is defined with the customers.
Eymard caterer: an intense culinary experience

According to your needs and your expectations, your caterer establishes a personalized menu. For the sake of gastronomy, Catering Eymard works every day with high quality products.

Just contact her and let them know about your project to organize your event together.

traiteur à domicile
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